The Freebie Society is here to help you receive the best freebies the internet has to offer!  We have a large network of members who have the knowledge and skill to receive multiple items and some even make a living from the industry.

You may have read that these sites are a scam, and they don’t work, but with the way the internet is expanding you can get almost anything for free in today’s world.

If you look at some of the most common Freebie sites, you will come across testimonials where people have received HD TV’s, iPhones, Laptops and thousands in bank transfers to their personal bank accounts.

Many of today’s Freebie Sites will have multiple free offers for their members to participate in.  This will earn them points towards their gift of choice.  If there are enough free trials and offers then there is no reason why people can’t receive their first gift for free.

This page is a simple guide to help get you started towards earning your first free gift:

  1. Pick a network you recognise and become familiar how they work.  We have a list of supported networks with members who will be happy to answer any questions
  2. Check on the Freebie Society if anybody is looking for a referral.  If you sign up under their referral then they may be willing to do an offer under yours. * Some members will even trade or pay cash for a referral*
  3. Join the network that you have selected and choose a gift that you desire
  4. Look for the free offers to earn your points/ credits towards your gift. (Free surveys, music downloads, gaming offers or even film rentals)
  5. If you are short on referrals, an easy way to gain more is through your friends! Invite them round and tell them how the system works.  Ask if they will join the same network as you under your referral ID and complete an offer.  *Remember; many are free so it doesn’t have to cost them anything* – Maybe you can clean their car in return or buy them a drink!
  6. If you are still short of points/ referrals then you can turn to the social networks such as Facebook, Google Friend Connect or Twitter.  You can invite your friends and advertise your referral ID through these networks and try to gain more referrals
  7. If you are still short of referrals then you have the option to trade with other members on the forum. *Trading is where you sign up to another network for them and complete a free offer – they then do the same for you* – No money exchanged and all it costs you is some of your time!
  8. When you have gained enough credits for your gift then you need to tell your friends that may have doubted you.  Prove to them that you received a free gift or money and ask the non to sign up under your referral ID again.  Now you are on your way to your second gift!

If you need any further help then you can ask any of the Admin’s/ Mentors or just post a question in the forum and you will receive help from everyone!